Tyson's Brave Battalion

Tyson's Brave Battalion
Things don't go wrong and break your heart so you can become bitter and give up. They happen to break you down and build you up so you can be all that you were intended to be.” ~Samuel Johnson

Sunday, July 7, 2013

More Camp Hobe, tummy flu, mouth thingy

Ty and Merin had so much fun at Camp Hobe! 
 At the end of the day they sing campfire songs to us that they learned.  They are singing Bubblegum in this one.
Ty was on steroids but had a good time anyway.  He ate 14 chicken nuggets after I picked him up from day camp Monday, and then asked for more as soon as I picked him up the second day.  In the pic with him is Avery who was diagnosed the same day as Tyson with A.L.L. We met in the hospital that first week and have kept in touch ever since.  Girls have a shorter treatment than boys so she is almost done!  We are excited for her! 
 Friday we went back and picked up Brenna from Teen camp.  She had a blast of course!  Have I mentioned before that we love Camp Hobe?  We are so thankful for them!
We went to Kaysville for the 4th so Dad and Brooke could run in the 5k with her cousins.  They did a great job and the parade was so much fun!
 Ty's uncle fills the back of his truck with a swimming pool full of water for the parade and the waterfight afterward.  Everybody took turns dipping their feet in the pool to stay cool.
 And Ty had a blast taking out the guy on the tanker full of water that was spraying everybody! 
Ty threw up first thing Friday morning, and his sister threw up in the night that night.  We figured out later that they got a stomach bug from playing with cousins earlier in the week.  No fever though and we managed to keep him hydrated so we didn't have to take him in.  He threw up the next morning as well and then this morning (Sunday) he woke up with a sore mouth.  Basically his whole mouth hurts and he can't eat much of anything.  He's been eating frozen V8 fusion slushies all day.  I am hoping someone has seen this before so they can tell me what it is and we won't have to go to the ER. 
 This is what it looked like this morning...the back/roof of his mouth had little cracks in it and looks angry in general. His taste buds are swollen.  his tongue isn't really that white, I think that is from the flash.  But his taste buds really are that red...
 A few hours later the cracks sort of grew bigger
 And bigger like the skin is sloughing off or something
And that's what it looks like now...like big chunks of skin are gone.  Soooo not sure what to do.  It doesn't really look like thrush but I guess it could be.  Doesn't thrush seem more spiderwebby and patchy usually?  If it is thrush and he happens to be neutropenic is there a chance that it could become systemic?  Cause he's been there done that and it is not fun.  So here lies my dilemma.  Wait till tomorrow and take him to the children's clinic or take him to the ER tonight.  He doesn't have a fever or anything, and other than not being able to eat feels fine.  I am wondering if it is just a continuation of the virus that caused  his stomach flu.  Also wondering why this kind of thing always happens on the weekend making the ER our only option.  His ANC was 800 at his appt 3 weeks ago...so not incredibly low but he has been known to have a sporadic ANC.  Bleh.  If it was any of my other kids I wouldn't even take them to the doc.  Has anybody seen this before?
UPDATE: Took him to his pediatrician today and he said for a normal kid he would just say its a virus and will go away, but with Tyson whenever you see mouth sores like that you want to make sure he's not neutropenic so he did a CBC and his counts are good, everything including his ANC is in the normal range so no worries for now.  Thanks so much for all of your suggestions and concern, I was glad we didn't have to go to the ER.  His CBC for my records: WBC 4.2 (normal), RBC 4.48 (normal), HGB 12.8 (normal), HCT 40.8 (normal), PLTS 305 (normal), They weren't done with the ANC when I left but said it was at least 1600 so no worries.


  1. The First Picture of his mouth looks like thrush. but I say that because I have it right now. my mouth feels numb but hurts at the same time. and everything tastes weird because my taste buds feel like they were burnt off. but the back of the throat and mouth pictures after look like something else. one of my boys has had lots of weird mouth viruses that I don't want to try and spell out and they looked like that. I would have it checked out just in case. They make all sorts of mouth washes to deal with thrush and other mouth viruses. Hope that helps.

  2. I know you posted this a long time ago but my mouth looks exactly like this. my doctors gave me blood work and still cannot figure what it is. they put me on steroids and it went away as soon as the steroids were gone it came right back. I have had this for over a year and it is extremely painful. I have been stuck eating ramen noodle which is not very healthy. my email is sarahw160@yahoo.com if you have any advice to give me.