Tyson's Brave Battalion

Tyson's Brave Battalion
Things don't go wrong and break your heart so you can become bitter and give up. They happen to break you down and build you up so you can be all that you were intended to be.” ~Samuel Johnson

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Little Fever Party

So around 8:00 tonight Ty gave me a hug and he felt hot so I took his temp...101.4.  Bleh.  I was just about to head out the door because Brooke and Emily had appointments at the church.  I knew that wouldn't last long so I told Ty to get dressed (he likes to hang out in undies only at home) so I could take him to the hospital when I got back.  You would think by his reaction that I told him we were going to Disneyland.  He started jumping around and dancing and singing about helicopter doctor which is what he nicknamed our local hospital because right outside the windows on the peds floor is the helicopter pad.  It has been a loooong time since we've had to do the fever run.  I ended up sending him up with dad because I didn't have Merin in bed yet and she fell in the firepit when we were camping last week and burned her hands.  Needless to say her hands are still trying to heal and hurting a bit so I knew I needed to stay here with her. 
Dad took him to the Children's Clinic and they did a CBC there and his ANC is 1600 'Whew'  and now they are up at the hospital so they can get some blood cultures going and give him some Rocephin through his port 'Whew' again!  Rocephin shots hurt like the dickens so it is always good when they will do it through his line instead.  Good ANC means he doesn't have to stay there so after they are done with cultures and stuff they should be home.  He is in hog heaven right now playing the game cube and getting his rocephin IV.  Brady says Ty is forcing himself to stay awake so he can keep playing.  (The hospital is the only place we let him play endless video games...hence the jumping, dancing and singing when he found out he had a fever.)
I guess since I'm not there to take pictures I'll have to share a few camping ones. 
 Fishin with Grandpa
 Favorite part of camping...roasting marshmallows
 Watching the moose
 Old Faithful
 Old Faithful Inn where Ty's great grandpa was born
 Found a slug on the hike

He starts Kindergarten on Tuesday!!!

Friday, August 9, 2013

HopeKids walk, Clinic Etc

 We had so much fun at the HopeKids Wasatch Adventure in Kaysville!  We are hoping we can make it a tradition even though it is so far from home.  Dad and the kids were able to go the year before last but Ty and I were stuck in the hospital with a fever so we were excited that we could make it this year.  Wondering what HopeKids is?  Click HERE for more info
 Ty's fantastic Oncologist Dr. Wright was even there as a volunteer...of course Tyson was suddenly very interested in the color of the grass when we saw her...he still has a hard time talking to medical people..and all other adults for that matter.  Sometimes the nurses can get him to conjure up a smile but that's usually the best they get out of him. 
 After the walk we went to an extended family reunion and we were able to meet our fantastic cousin Elise.  She has been one of Tyson's biggest supporters through his journey and is always sending us notes of encouragement and love.  True to form Ty didn't have much to say but he had so much fun swimming and playing I even got him to smile for a picture.
 Holding really still for his blood pressure check.  We had clinic today and good news!  He gained a pound and a centimeter!  He is now 104cm and 42lbs!! 
 The nurses were so fast getting his chemo he didn't even get a chance to do much game playing...
So we stayed a few extra minutes after we were all done.  His Aunt Erin got to come see what clinic is like.  She has been staying at the UofU hospital next door with Tyson's Grandma who recently had a brain anyeurism burst and is recovering in the critical care unit there.  We are saying lots of prayers for Grandma, she is in for a very long intense recovery and we miss our spunky fun crazy Grandma Kitty-Kat!  Erin stayed with Ty for a few minutes while we visited a couple of the cancer kids in the ICS there and I visited Grandma at the U.
For my records, Tyson's ANC was a whopping 1600!  They aren't changing his pill dosage right now either so I'm happy that he gets to start kindergarten with pretty good counts.  I am betting that when we go back in September if his ANC is still that high we will be upping his chemo pill dosage a little.  He is still on about 20% of the normal protocol so it would be nice if he could take a little more chemo without crashing his counts too much.  We worry sometimes that he isn't getting enough to keep the 'R' word away but as long as it is suppressing his bone marrow like it is supposed to I guess it must be working.  WBC 3.3 which is low but normal for him, HCT 33.4 a hair low but also normal for him, HGB 11.1, PLTS 277 normal, RBC 3.83 just a hair low.
Ty stayed awake the whole ride home this time and we went straight to his cousin's birthday party complete with super fun water slide. He was so glad we made it home in time to join the fun! 
Thanks for checking in!  We are so grateful Ty gets to be a kid and do fun things like everybody else and we are always praying for the cancer kids who aren't so lucky.  We just found out another A.L.L. cancer friend has relapsed and we are so sad that she has to start the fight all over again, relapsed ALL is much harder to fight successfully than the first time around and we hate that it happens so much!  The CureSearch walk is going to be here before you know it!  Join our team Idaho Fighters and walk with us!!  Or if you can't make the trip you can join as a virtual walker or just make a little donation to our team.  It is really simple and every little bit counts!!  We understand if you can't donate right now too, no biggy!  We appreciate so much all of the support and love and prayers!  Thank You!!