Tyson's Brave Battalion

Tyson's Brave Battalion
Things don't go wrong and break your heart so you can become bitter and give up. They happen to break you down and build you up so you can be all that you were intended to be.” ~Samuel Johnson

Friday, January 24, 2014

One more down, 6 treatments to go!

 We are in the home stretch people!  Ty will have his last treatment in the middle of July, then I think he finishes out his chemo pills and then he will be done with treatment!  We will still be making trips to check blood and stuff for a long time after that, but as long as there is no sign of relapse he gets to be done done done with chemo this summer!  On the way down today there were lots of fields covered in white sparkly snow.  I pointed it out to Ty and he glanced up from his DS, looked back down and said, 'hm, I don't really like sparkly'.
 Today we had a few awesome games of UNO before he plugged himself into the xbox.
He finally gained a little weight, he is up to 19.8kg which is 43.5lbs and he is 106cm!  His ANC was super high which isn't really a good sign, they try to keep it low on purpose to keep the Leukemia from coming back but it could just be a sign that his body is trying to fight something off.  His oncologist upped his chemo a tiny bit from 4 half pills a week to 5 half pills a week for 6mp.  His methotrexate will stay the same at 1 pill a week.  WBC 9.6!, HGB 11.9, HCT 35.1, PLTS 281
He decided he wanted playdoh ice cream for his treat and luckily they have it at the cafeteria downstairs so he got a big cup of that and had it eaten in no time which surprised us, especially since he threw up right before we got to clinic.  So we are ending the day happy and thankful for another successful visit with no sign of relapse.  Ty said as we were driving away, 'I could do this day all over again'.  He loves his trips to horsey doctor.


  1. What a strong boy. What a strong family. Truly a good example and inspiration to all. God bless you all and best wishes to Ty.