Tyson's Brave Battalion

Tyson's Brave Battalion
Things don't go wrong and break your heart so you can become bitter and give up. They happen to break you down and build you up so you can be all that you were intended to be.” ~Samuel Johnson

Friday, January 25, 2013

Clinic Today

Our visit to Primary Children's today was pretty uneventful, in fact they were so fast with everything that I pretty much had to drag Ty out of there.  He was a little impatient at first cause his awesome game finding dad didn't get to come this time so it took us a few minutes to get his gaming arranged.  It was good to be fast and get out of there cause the last thing we want to do is spread any lingering RSV germs to any of his cancer buddies...we were careful to keep to ourselves.
They accessed his port, pulled his blood for his CBC and administered the vincristine all at the same so he didn't even have to get the stinky Tegaderm dressing on!  Most times taking that sticky stuff off is the worst part of being at clinic.  That's the only picture I took, and it's right after they deaccessed him so there's a teeny droplet of blood on his port site.  His counts look good including his liver numbers so all is well!  They aren't changing his chemo dosage or anything.
Here's Ty trying to show his 'big fat belly' the other day...he lost a little weight this month  (17.0kg) and I think he grew some (99.9cm) so his doc asked if we'd ever discussed appetite stimulants before.  I guess I need to make him some more spinach peanut butter chocolate shakes!  He has been pretty fussy about food lately, in fact he wouldn't even come in the kitchen tonight cause he couldn't stand the smell of the chicken soup in there.  (I thought it smelled and tasted delicious!!  Thank you for dinner!!)  One minute he'll be eating something and then next he'll be gagging on it and spitting it in the garbage, it is really random. I wonder if I should be giving him zofran again.  Maybe we will try that and see if we can get him eating a better variety and a little bit more!  Of course he is starting his 5 day pulse of steroids today so maybe that will help him eat more this week.
Counts today:  I'll put the normal range of each in parentheses.  WBC 3.2 (5.5-15.5), RBC 3.61 (3.90-5.30), HGB 11.2 (11.5-13.5), HCT 34.1 (34.0-40), PLTS 390 (150-400), ANC 1200 (1500-8500)  So his ANC is close to 1000 which is where they want it to be.  His oral chemo is what keeps it there, and it causes the other numbers to be a little low sometimes too, but as long as he's on the right dose they don't get too low.  It looks like for now he is on the right dose.  Now if we can just keep the germs at bay and stay out of the hospital!!  Bring on the hand sanitizer!!
On the way home we made a pit stop at a gas station and I let him pick out some candy.  When we got back in the car he said as he ate his candy..."I'm okay with being sick....cause I get whatever I want when we go to the hospital"  Then he giggled.  CHIPS...cancer has it's privileges. :)

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