Tyson's Brave Battalion

Tyson's Brave Battalion
Things don't go wrong and break your heart so you can become bitter and give up. They happen to break you down and build you up so you can be all that you were intended to be.” ~Samuel Johnson

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Broken Foot???

 Steroid lasagna!  A friend brought us a lasagna right after Ty was diagnosed and on steroids, it hit the spot in a major way for him with the crazy appetite and cravings you have while on steroids.  In fact I had to make a few more lasagnas that month but they never were quite as good as that first one.  She brought us another one recently and we saved it in the freezer for his next round of steroids.  Thank you!  It hit the spot again and was very thoughtful of you! : ) He has created a couple of new funny cravings with this round including hot dog without the dog (hot dog bun with ketchup only) and hamburger without the hamburger ( top only of an arctic circle cheeseburger)  We discovered Sunday night on the way home from Utah that only the top of an Arctic Circle hamburger (ketchup/mayo/lettuce) would do.  He gagged when he tried to eat the one we bought him from Wendy's and decided he wasn't hungry enough to try to choke it down. 
Aside from the steroids Ty is feeling pretty good.  He is still off all oral chemo. So the only chemo he has had in the past 5 weeks is IV vincristine.
 He had his last dose of steroids on Sunday so this week he has even attempted to do jobs, play outside, and lots of other 'normal' kid stuff.  The only meds he is on right now is his Miralax and Colace (Lightning Mcqueen pills, they are red and white striped).  Those combined have helped him immensley in the pooing arena.  That and his incentive to sit on the pot and go every day has pretty much solved his issue.  He says it doesn't hurt anymore and is going every day...and is the proud owner of a new DSiXL.
Yesterday he and his siblings were jumping off the couch onto a pile of pillows.  Ty missed the pillows and says he landed 'criss cross applesauce'.  It hurt a lot and he wouldn't walk on his foot and wanted to go to the doctor.  We've dealt with a broken foot before so I knew they couldn't do much for it even if it was broken, but since he is also dealing with the 'c' word which can cause weakened bones, I thought we should have it checked out.  I told him if he still couldn't walk on it the next day we would go get a picture of it...and here we are...luckily Dr. McInturff had an opening this morning.
 So here is his giant boot, the doc thought he saw a break in one of the bones but then when he zoomed in on it it didn't look broken.  He still fitted him with a boot anyway cause he said it could be the cartilage which doesn't show up on the xray and he could tell it was hurting him a lot.  Ty was VERY mad that he had to wear a boot cause it was hurting his foot...until I told him today was the day to go get the DS that dad had promised cause he did so well with his hemorrhoid problems. 
So DS in hand he has a boot on his foot and a smile on his face.  He still won't walk on it, has tried a couple of times and it hurts too much, but I'm sure the pain will gradually go away and he will be able to walk on it.  We recheck it next week.  He also gets a CBC next Tuesday to see if his ANC is high enough to go back on chemo pills.  And we should find out some time next week the result of his enzyme deficiency test to see if his body is processing the 6mp correctly.  For now, enjoying the chemo free week!

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  1. Excited that one issue is better and sad that he may have a broken foot. His smile is SO cute!