Tyson's Brave Battalion

Tyson's Brave Battalion
Things don't go wrong and break your heart so you can become bitter and give up. They happen to break you down and build you up so you can be all that you were intended to be.” ~Samuel Johnson

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Delayed Intensification and Cancer Fighting Friends

We had a great visit to the horsey doctor today!!  We started Delayed Intensification today, the 'bad' phase of treatment.  I started taking Dexamethazone today...boooo.  If you want to see all the stuff I get during this phase you can look it up in my June 3 post called 'medicine regimen'.  I have felt a little sick this evening, but ate dinner so things are looking good so far...it will take a few days for the side effects to set in which will most likely be...lower red blood cells and platelets, lower ANC (infection fighting white blood cells), extreme hunger, mouth sores, hair loss, water retention, joint pain, tummy aches, nausea etc...  We'll see how it goes cause every kid reacts differently. 
We met another cancer fighter today, his name is Tucker.  Ty was admiring his very cool toy in the waiting room.  After Tucker did his vitals and was getting ready to get his port accessed  (which is why his shirt is off...you can see the numbing cream on his chest so the giant port needle doesn't hurt...Ty does that too) he came back out to the waiting room and asked me if it was ok if he gave his toy to Tyson!  There is just something about these cancer fighters that is so special, and here is a great example.  I am going to put a link to his blog on the side so look for it if you are interested in his story.  This is his second time fighting cancer.
 PS, just FYI we call the giant port needle a 'magic sticker', Ty doesn't know it is a pokie. Let's keep it that way.

So here's what we did at clinic today...I weigh 15.0 kg now. We found a sticker book and I had a great time getting the stickers in the EXACT right place...my doc even noticed how I was making them perfect.

Getting all my 'stickers' on prepping for sedation.  They give me versed and ketamine while they do my lumbar puncture.  I was very happy and cooperative at clinic today...I think I was glad to see my normal doc...and I'm getting used to the idea of going to the hospital and not getting pokies.  I'm starting to look forward to trips to the horsey hospital with happiness!

Here's me waking up, I like the lighter sedation, it still makes me tired for a while, but not as grouchy.

Then we went back to infusion at the clinic and I got zofran and vincristine and doxorubicin.  Mom took a pic of the dox going through my line cause it was red.  I wanted to sit on her lap cause I was so tired..so this is the best pic we could get.  I watched Clifford and sipped sprite.

While we were waiting for our Pharmacy meds we went up to meet another three year old A.L.L. boy.  He was diagnosed a couple of months after Tyson and I've been talking to his mom on facebook...comparing notes and stuff.  It was fun to finally meet them even though they were there because he isn't feeling well.  I'll put a link to his blog on the side too...his name is Matthew.  We are praying he gets to go home soon. Thanks for all the prayers, help and well wishes!  That means everything to us!!  We still don't know exactly when Brady will be home, we'll keep you posted on facebook.  We really appreciate the people who bring us dinner on clinic days.  Today a family made us authentic food from Ukraine!  It was fun to taste new things, and very yummy!!  Thank you!! 

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  1. that story was SOOOOOOOO cute! almost made me cry! he is so cute!! Tucker used to love the sedation drugs... made him very 'HAPPY'... LOL and you had me laughing over the "magic sticker"... too cute...