Tyson's Brave Battalion

Tyson's Brave Battalion
Things don't go wrong and break your heart so you can become bitter and give up. They happen to break you down and build you up so you can be all that you were intended to be.” ~Samuel Johnson

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Primary Children's ... Delayed Intensification Days 8-11 ...Neutropenic Fever

Here we are in the ER at Primary Children's!  It's day 11 of delayed intensification.  I got a fever today and since we were headed to Utah anyway for the HopeKids Wasatch Adventure Walk/Run, we went to Primary Children's to see what we needed to do about the fever.  Hopefully dad and the rest of the kids can still make it to the walk/run adventure...Mommy and me are hanging out at the hospital until further notice.  I got my first dose of ceftazadime (IV antibiotic) at 3:30am.

It is a good thing dad was here with us cause mom has no idea how to play playstation games and we were in the ER for five hours before they finally admitted us.  The ER nurse had trouble with my port (4 owey pokes, and she wasn't good at hiding the needle) so they called the IV people to come do it.  They finally arrived and accessed it with no problems.  Ugh!  Mommy really hates it when the nurse is incompetent!!

Daddy quickly distracted me though

Getting a chest xray, one of the ways to figure out what the fever is from.  My ANC is 100 which is very low so I am staying the night.  They finally got us up to our room in the ICS at 4:00am, and I finally went to sleep!  Mom and Dad were surprised I held out that long, but are guessing that I was nervous about what was going to happen.  I went to the ER on Friday night (sept 23rd), and mom is behind in my posts cause the pics below are from before Friday night...

Me and Oliver at clinic on Tuesday the 20th.  He is a special dog who visits patients at the Oncology clinic.  I got my second dose of doxorubicin and vincristine today and I got to stop taking the dexamethasone for a week.  Not taking dexamethasone is a good thing (I'm way grouchy on it) and a bad thing (it increases my appetite) since now I am losing weight.  I only had a couple of really hungry days on the dex in the first place and now on Friday the effects of it have totally worn off and I only weigh 14.2kg!! I lost like a whole pound between Tuesday and Friday.  Tuesday I weighed 14.6kg.  Mom and Dad were surprised cause it seems like I was still eating pretty good.

They have a funny vending machine at Primary Children's that gives you advice about not eating vending machine food, you push a button and it tells you something funny about how that food isn't good for you.

Can you tell I like my dad being home from Iraq??

Helping daddy

Here is me on my dexamethasone days, mom made about 5 frozen pizzas in a two day span.  On dex when I get an idea in my head of a food I want I don't stop talking about it until mom makes it.  I crave rich salty foods like pizza and pasta.  I even got to go to Costa Vida for my favorite dex food 'black beans, black rice, black chicken' (sweet pork burrito).  I was shaking with excitement as I ate it.

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  1. that sounds like no fun! and I hear you on some bad nurses! I don't trust any other nurses that are outside of the oncology world! i have a few nurse stories in Tucker's past also...
    i'm just glad your home!!!!!
    Amber & Tucker