Tyson's Brave Battalion

Tyson's Brave Battalion
Things don't go wrong and break your heart so you can become bitter and give up. They happen to break you down and build you up so you can be all that you were intended to be.” ~Samuel Johnson

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We decided to get his CBC today instead of Monday cause he was starting to bruise and petechiae and we were getting worried that he might get too low before Monday rolled around.  The results: WBC 0.4, HCT 20.7, PLTS 20, don't have his ANC results yet but they will probably still be around 100 or lower.  So Brady took him up to the ER for a type and cross to get his blood matched up and then we go up later today so he can get a blood transfusion.  Its just for red blood, platelets aren't stellar, but not low enough to do a transfusion...and whites he just has to build back up on his own.
We'll post some more Halloween pics tomorrow after the festivities. 
We'll have to be really careful because of his lack of immunites.  I bought a variety of trick or treat candy so we could swap his trick or treat candy with a bag of candy that no one has touched.  He'll keep his mask on and we organized a trunk-or-treat at the park which will be outside and provides less of a risk that we will go to a house with sick people present.  Of course we will play all of that by ear depending on how he feels and what his ANC actually is.  He's pretty young so he won't notice too much if he misses.  He is also used to staying home while the other kids go and do stuff.  It is surprising sometimes how much he understands and how well he goes along with everything even though it really stinks sometimes.  His mellow-ness is a great blessing. : )

So today (Monday) a couple of bruises on Ty's head looked weird...they were larger than yesterday and raised, (the pic doesn't do it justice)  we thought it was wierd so we took a pic and sent it to his home health nurse.  She forwarded the pic to his doc and up we went at 4:00 to the children's clinic for a CBC to see what was up...

Hanging out at the doc's office...yep, just as we suspected, his platelets were a whopping 6!  Normal would be between 140-440.  I organized a neighborhood trunk-or-treat at our park so Ty could trick or treat outside without going house to house...and I knew he would be sad if he missed it...
So we drove from the children's clinic back to the park so he could trunk or treat before we went to the hospital

The trunk or treat was cold but it was a great success!!  We are so thankful we have such an awesome neighborhood!!  It was a potluck finger foods and they brought the yummiest foods!  We had a great time and Ty got a giant bag of candy..which we promptly swapped out for a look-a-like bag of candy I made for him.  (Ssshhhh! don't tell him!  That way he isn't eating candy that many hands have touched...you know, the whole immune system thing)
 CBC today: WBC 0.5, HCT 30.3, PLTS 6, ANC 30!!! yikes! (a normal ANC would be between 1500 & 7300)
Dad took our little vampire straight from the park to the hospital for his platelet transfusion...he took his candy with him of course : )
They give him benadryl and tylenol to reduce the risk of having an allergic reaction to the transfusion...it knocked him out pretty quick

Don't platelets look weird?  They aren't red!
It was a Happy Halloween!!  : )  We hope yours was safe and happy too!!
TUESDAY:  Ty just looked at his job chart and said, "mom I don't have any jobs today" mom: 'oh really', Ty: "it says my job is to drag my candy bag around"  : )

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  1. Hope he's doing better! Wow...crazy how their counts can drop like that! Glad he was able to still enjoy Halloween. It will be nice to know where Avery's counts are on Friday!