Tyson's Brave Battalion

Tyson's Brave Battalion
Things don't go wrong and break your heart so you can become bitter and give up. They happen to break you down and build you up so you can be all that you were intended to be.” ~Samuel Johnson

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tummy bug update

And here we are tonight!!  Oct 4th.  Tys is feeling pretty good!  He is even sitting up a little and agreed to stand up for a pic!  He hasn't vomited today and even nibbled on a cookie tonight.  He lost a lot more hair today so the top of his head is fuzzy and the sides have patches of bald, patches of thinning hair...so cute!
Thank you for the prayers!! It is truly a miracle that his diarrhea only lasted twoish days!!  Merin had it for almost a week, and Ryan had it for at least three days so you can see that if our little immune compromised one only had it for a couple of days it is truly a miracle!!  We are so thankful he is doing better!!  He weighs 29.6lbs right now (13.5kg) so we are just going to work on hydration and food now.  Thank you thank you thank you for the concern, love, and prayers!!

The pics and post below are from earlier today...
Ty just ate some ramen noodles...he's asking for zofran now cause he says he feels like puking but we are hoping it all stays down.  His diarrhea this morning was way less watery than yesterday so we are hoping that is a sign that he is on the mend...I know, TMI but that's how it goes around here.   :)

we are crossing our fingers that he got rid of the dastardly tummy bug organisms when he puked that bazillion gallons last night.  We'll keep you posted.

Grandma and Grandpa brought him some balloons, toys and crackers and he's watching the Tom and Jerry dvd they brought him.  They also brought mommy some caramel chocolates and the other kids a balloon.  Grandma kitty kat brought some dinner over too.  Thanks for the cheer!!   He woke up with a headache today so mom gave him some oxycodone (he's not allowed to take Tylenol or Ibuprofen) and he was in a good mood all morning.   :)    I can see why people get addicted to that stuff.
Tuesday, Oct 4th

Thanks for the prayers!!  Ty is a little better today and we can't help but stop and think about what a wonderful blessing cancer is...I know that sounds wierd cause cancer stinks, really stinks, and it is so hard to watch your little one be sick, and pump him full of poison, and wonder if he's going to make it through it all.  I read a story another cancer mom posted about how cancer unlocks the love that people keep locked up inside.  There are many ways we have been blessed during the last few months, so much so that I can't think of them all while I write this post.  The love that we feel from so many is definitely a blessing and lifts us. We are part of a world now that not many people see, the suffering some of these little ones go through makes Tyson's treatment look like a walk in the park.  But these little fighters are unique and I feel like they are on the earth and in our families to open our eyes and our hearts to remind us about what is most important in life.  They are our angels on earth and we are blessed and lucky to have one of them in our family!  I know what you can do for us!!  If you are lucky enough to have a spouse make things right with him or her and don't ever let anything get between you.  Treat your husband like he is your superhero...cause he is!!!  If you are lucky enough to have kids hug them tight and cherish them while you have them.  That's what you can do for us, if we know that Tyson's sickness helps keep your family together then it is worth all of the fears, anxieties, poisons, and pain, after all, he won't remember much of this, so the lessons to be learned are for us, and you, not so much for him.

I know reading about Tyson and other cancer cuties invokes a feeling of wanting to do something.  Other than hugging your kiddies a little tighter and kissing your spouse a little longer, if you would like to do something may I be so bold as to suggest getting involved in some way with CureSearch?  I read an article about how the Susan Komen foundation (big breast cancer fundraising entity) is actually sueing other cancer charities for using their trademarked phrase 'for the cure'  unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I want you to know that CureSearch uses over 97% of their funds directly on Childhood cancer research.  Childhood Cancer is the least funded of all types of cancers, both by private fundraising companies and the government.  The government, the LLS, and the ACS all give less than 3% of their funds to Childhood cancer research, and that is for all 12 of the major types of childhood cancer.  CureSearch funds the children's oncology group who are the frontrunners responsible for increasing the survival rate from 10% to 78% over the last 40 years.  Tyson is in a clinical trial for them right now.  Not only do they need a higher survival rate, they need better treatment.  The effects of the chemo on their little bodies can last a lifetime, and can even cause secondary cancers.  We will be participating in a walk for CureSearch next summer, I hope you will want to join us!!   :)  And thanks for your patience with me and reading about all of this, I know we are not unique in having trials, we all have 'stuff' to deal with that is important, so thanks for taking the time to add Ty and other cancer cuties to your prayers and thoughts.


  1. Wow Amy & Brady - As I quietly watch all that your family is going through, I am so inspired by the people you are for your family and those around you. Your story and words do help remind me about what life is truly about. I am so happy for your all that Brady is safely home with his family and that you are able to continue on this journey with him there. My prayers are with this little guy & your family!

  2. I got a random call from the Lymphoma and Leukemia society to be a neighborhood chairperson and the reason I said yes is because of Tyson. I wish I'd know about CureSearch. Anyway, we pray for you all the time, but feel so helpless so I'm going to be sending out donation envelopes to all of my neighbors (which is something I am terrified to do) but I'm doing it for Ty. Love you!

  3. We think you are an amazing family and look up to your faith and courage. Thank you for helping us remember priorities and to be thankful for what we have!

  4. I know it says Anon, but it's Renee. Braid prays for Ty. He doesn't ask for him to be blessed but says, "Heavenly Father, Tyson needs to be better now." I think it's sweet. We love you guys so much and our hearts ache for you. You amaze us everyday.