Tyson's Brave Battalion

Tyson's Brave Battalion
Things don't go wrong and break your heart so you can become bitter and give up. They happen to break you down and build you up so you can be all that you were intended to be.” ~Samuel Johnson

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Booo for Pokies, Oxygen

I forgot to mention how scared he was to ride in the ambulance.  When the guys came in our room and told him he was going for a ride he freaked out and started crying and saying 'I want to go in our car!'  He wouldn't get on the stretcher.  The ambulance guys left the room for a minute while I calmed him down and doc McInturff came in and talked to him a little.  He finally let me get him on the stretcher if I was holding him and I held him all the way down here.  It was a looooong bumpy ride. He slept pretty much the whole way. His nurse Marc rode with us and gave him his IV fluids and meds on the way and gave the nurses here his info and stuff.  I don't blame him for being scared, it was kind of scary for me too, I'm glad Marc came with us...I wanted to tell him thank you before he left but I didn't get a chance.  The ambulance guys were really nice too.
So they have to draw peripheral labs which means they had to put an IV in his hand which he is going to need after they pull his port out tomorrow anyway.  He was not happy about it, and still isn't.  It is tender and he can't really use that hand now.  He cried about it for a long time until I fished a 'pokie prize' out of my hospital to go bag that I stashed in there a long time ago for such a time as this.  It is a gun that shoots little spinny discs.  He had a little fun with it.

His temp when he got here was 104 and it got up to 105.4 before the tylenol kicked in.  It is down to about 101.  The nurse said ' we usually don't like to see 38.4 (101 ish) but it's a lot better than 40.8' (105 ish).  His blood pressure was a little low and his heart beat still averages around 160, but sometimes goes up to 170's which makes the monitor beep.  They are keeping an eye on it.
So they drew labs and cultures and his WBC is down to 0.2.  Platelets are up a little 27, and HCT went down from 21 this morning to 17 now.  They will give him a blood transfusion tonight and two platelet transfusions tomorrow before he goes in for surgery to remove his port.
They are starting the anti-fungal medicine tonight and continuing the vanco and zosyn and acyclovir.
He has not had a good day, and probably won't tomorrow either, but hopefully in the next few days things will start to improve.  I think we will be here a few days. 
and Good Morning...
 The nurse was very busy all night hooking up meds and transfusions and trying to keep his oxygen level up which made for a very beepy noisy night
For some reason he couldn't keep his oxygen level up on his own when he was sleeping.  Don't know why yet cause it is 6:30 and we haven't seen anyone yet to ask.  He didn't like the oxygen thing blowing in his face, so he would move, his oxygen level would go down, it would beep the nurse, he would come in and adjust it, Ty would move again.  He still doesn't feel good, fever is still there.  I'll update more when I can
Thanks for the prayers for Ty.

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  1. So sad for Ty and his hand! Not to mention the fever! Still praying for your little guy!