Tyson's Brave Battalion

Tyson's Brave Battalion
Things don't go wrong and break your heart so you can become bitter and give up. They happen to break you down and build you up so you can be all that you were intended to be.” ~Samuel Johnson

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Camp Hobe Day 2

 All ready for Camp Hobe day 2!
 I got to sneak a picture when I went up to give him his meds at noon.  Usually the nurses or doctor does the meds but I forgot to bring it this day so I just went back up there when it was time.
At the end of camp we all sing a campfire song they learned. 
Today it was 'a jellyfish a jellyfish a jellyfish fish'
They got to do the zipline, if they were scared, a counselor rode it with them
...crafts, games, songs, stories, swimming, pet therapy, and professional pictures. 
Camp Hobe has the best volunteers in the world!  Many of them work at Primary Children's and it is so great of them to use their vacation time for Camp Hobe!  It really is touching to see so many people willing to make life fun for these kids and their siblings.  My kids talk about it and look forward to it all year, they are already talking about what they are going to do next year!
Ty was worn out, but had so much fun.  He is feeling great right now!  He really hates it when I put cream on his face and lips but other than that, so far so good.  We will find out soon if he is doing a CT at his next appointment in July to see if the lungs are clear yet, and then we will have a better idea of when he gets a port put back in.  Not sure when his next CBC is.
For now we are just enjoying the summer and trying to be as 'normal' as possible!
* I have to add a couple of things that Ty said today.  He has been super fussy today, trying to think of things to be sad about. It is almost like when he is on steroids.
Everything he said was in a super sad voice:
He was asking if we could move to a hotel, he was super bummed that we weren't going back to the hotel after camp hobe. I was talking to the kids about packing for our cherry hill camping trip and he said, 'are we getting a trailer?'  mom: no we are going to sleep in a tent. Ty: 'you said in a couple of days we were going to buy a trailer'.  mom: 'no in a couple of years when you are done with chemos'.  Ty: 'wait what is a trailer anyways?'  I explained, then he said, 'when my chemos are all gone?' I said yes when your leukemias are all gone. Ty: (still a very sad voice) 'Ryan said I got sick because I got white cells in me.' mom: 'well, your white cells made leukemias and that's how you got sick.' Ty: 'well Ryan said my white cells made me sick' mom: 'do you know what white cells are?' Ty: no. mom: 'white cells tell us if your numbers are high or low' Ty: (now a little mad) 'well mom you didn't even feel me today!' (he means I didn't feel for a fever)  Not sure why he is so grouchy today...he is a little coughy and sniffly, but he isn't fevering or anything, and his counts should be okay.  Maybe he's just being 4!

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