Tyson's Brave Battalion

Tyson's Brave Battalion
Things don't go wrong and break your heart so you can become bitter and give up. They happen to break you down and build you up so you can be all that you were intended to be.” ~Samuel Johnson

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Last night about an hour after Ty took his 1/2 6mp (chemo pill) and his voriconazole his hands and face turned red and he started crying that his bum hurt which has a lovely rash on it.  His right hand has little blisters on it.  I'm guessing that the giant amount of voriconazole he is on is starting to get to him.   He seemed okay though and wasn't fevering so we let him go to sleep and went to bed.
This morning he woke up with a fever hanging around 102 so we called oncology at PCMC and they told us to go to the hospital. We are hope hope hoping that his ANC is high enough that we don't have to stay here.  Booooo we are really going to be disappointed if our Camp Hobe and Cherry Hill plans don't work out...but it comes with the territory so all we can do is hope.  Ty has been so excited about Cherry Hill that he has been carrying his swimming suit around the house with him asking if it is time to go yet.  Of course all of that is hinging on what this CBC says.  We'll update when we get the results.
In the mean time Ty is playing robots.  He actually likes going to the hospital now, when we tell him not to do something gross cause it might make him sick and he'll have to go to the hospital he doesn't care cause he likes coming.  That used to be good leverage to keep him out of the dirt, sand, etc etc.
Update...it looks like we might not have to stay!! Yay!  The preliminary CBC results show a high white count which means whatever is making him fever his body is trying to fight it.  He'll probably get a dose of some kind of antibiotic and we will go home home home.  Yippee! 
This is what the blisters look like on his hand, just the little patch, the two top ones are just scabs from something.  I guess they are trying to decide whether or not to put him on acyclovir (antiviral) because of those blisters.  They aren't putting him on antibiotics, his ANC is way high which means his body is fighting whatever it is.  I think the blisters are just a side effect from the voriconazole...but what do I know. 
So we are probably going home, waiting to hear back from Primary Children's on the acyclovir question and then we are probably out of here.
Counts for today: ANC 9800, nope that is not a typo, WBC 11.3, RBC 4.41, HCT 37.8, PLTS 189
So I know I'm no doc, but his lymphocytes are low at 5, they should be 30-60%, and his segs are 85, they should be 25-55%.  So doesn't that mean he is fighting a bacterial infection, not a virus? segs are neutrophils which generally speaking fight infection, and lymphocytes work on viruses.  I know its probably a lot more complicated than that but it just seems weird that they would put him on acyclovir.  I've never seen his ANC go that high, I think it was like 5000 when he had the strep in his blood and other than that it hasn't gone above 1800.  Sigh. 
Sometimes I wish I had gone to medical school. 
Mike is on his way to Arco!  Go Mike! We are praying for you!

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