Tyson's Brave Battalion

Tyson's Brave Battalion
Things don't go wrong and break your heart so you can become bitter and give up. They happen to break you down and build you up so you can be all that you were intended to be.” ~Samuel Johnson

Friday, June 15, 2012

Doing Great!!

You wouldn't even know if you looked at him today that he was feverish and sick yesterday, he is back to normal!
 We went to a follow-up appointment this morning and he got another CBC, everything looks good and now that I talked it through with the Dr. Jensen I feel much better about giving him the acyclovir even though he most likely doesn't need it.  ANC 4900, WBC 7.2, RBC 4.18, HCT 37.6, PLTS 233, segs 69%, bands %1, lymph 25%. Everything is closer to normal than it was yesterday. : )  We went to Fred Meyer and found fruit chillers for his pokie prize, he has been asking about them ever since he tasted some at horsey doctor last time we were inpatient there.  He is now anxiously waiting for them to freeze.
 He didn't really want to leave the hospital yesterday, he was perfectly content to watch tv and play gamecube...they are so good to him at the peds unit here and yesterday was no exception.  The fact that he likes it there is a good thing.  His nurse even had her daughter hunt down some starburst for him for his pokie prize!  We really appreciate the care he gets there.
He didn't eat all day and slept the rest of the afternoon. His temp stayed in the 100.6 range, technically not a fever.  When he woke up at 8pm and I gave him his meds he immediately threw them back up, but kept them down the second time we tried.  (not tummy flu, the voriconazole just does that to him sometimes).  I made him a chocolate milkshake spiked with spinach (sshhhhhh) and he ate a pbj right before he went to bed. When he finally went to sleep at midnight his temp was totally normal.
The little blisters that were on his hand yesterday are now just little scabs.  He has had a couple of doses of vori since and though his hands are still red and irritated in spots, he hasn't done the whole red face red hands thing like he was.  That is a good thing, and the doctor isn't worried about the voriconazole.  He suggested some moisturizer for the red spots since they look dry and irritated but other than that isn't concerned.  He gave him the clear to go to Camp Hobe. Yay!  So if we can all stay healthy for the next three days things will work out as planned. crossing fingers.  If he does seem sick at all we won't take him of course cause we would never risk getting another cancer friend sick, and there will be a lot of cancer friends there, but right now we are good!
Mike will be on the news tonight!!  Make sure you watch KPVI Channel 6 tonight, I think our friend Boo will be on too, and our friend Tenley from the Tenley Foundation. Thank You Channel 6!

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