Tyson's Brave Battalion

Tyson's Brave Battalion
Things don't go wrong and break your heart so you can become bitter and give up. They happen to break you down and build you up so you can be all that you were intended to be.” ~Samuel Johnson

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hospital day 2

Brady came to sit with Ty last night at about 4:00 so I could go be with the other kiddies.  I took Ryan, Emily and Merin to Costco (Brooke and Brenna were hangin with friends) and then we went to Brooklyn's Playground for a few.  It was nice to be home, Merin was finally content (she's been super jealous of Tyson lately) and happily played while I cleaned up some cute little messes from the day and got the laundry and dishes caught up.  (Merin found Emily's underwear bin and put about 14 of them on one on top of the other...found the sharpies, I hairsprayed her shirt and got most of it out...and the kids took advantage of my absence and made koolaid)  I LOVED being home and getting everything done.  It is amazing how therapeutic work is, and how good it feels to take care of your house and know you are leaving it in pretty good shape. 

I made the kids breakfast and had prayers and made it back up here at 7ish so Brady could get to work.  I brought Lucky Charms with me and Ty finally ate!  They are indeed magically delicious. : ) He refused to drink or eat anything at all yesterday.  His lips look a little better, platelets always help, and they swabbed (to check for virus in the sores) them last night and put him on acyclovir (antiviral).  He seems to be in a little better mood though he still wants me to sit in bed with him.  That always means he doesn't feel good.  They don't have all of his counts in yet, but his WBC is .8 which is lower than yesterday so we aren't expecting any improvement, except in his platelets of course since he got some yesterday.  He feels hot to me this morning, my ear thermometer read 100.7, but their armpit one read 98.something.  Technically not a fever, but hot enough to make him feel crummy I guess.  So now we just hang out and wait.  We don't have any culture results yet (checking for infection) and I'm guessing Ty won't be released until he shows some signs of improving his ANC and WBC.  We are doing good, things are working out well, my mom and dad have the other kids while Brady is at work which saves my sanity cause I know they are in loving hands.  Having Brady to trade off with up here makes it so much easier to be here.  I have to admit it is a lot easier to hang in a little hospital room when he doesn't feel good cause he just watches tv.  When he is stuck here and feels fine it is a lot of work to keep him entertained.  Thanks for the offers to help, it means a lot to us that you are willing, and thanks for the prayers.  So far, so good...it is much easier to be upbeat when you have had a good nights sleep. : )  All is well!  I love the nurse he has today, I went to highschool with her, and she is a great nurse.  (yesterday we had a trainee which made me nervous) And we really like the doc who is on this week so all is well.  I have a request to go find a different gamecube game so I'm off.  ooga mega liga diga

stats for today: weight 34.8
WBC 0.8, RBC 3.92, HCT 32.8, PLTS 125, segs 2, bands 0, ANC 16 which is zero (.016)

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