Tyson's Brave Battalion

Tyson's Brave Battalion
Things don't go wrong and break your heart so you can become bitter and give up. They happen to break you down and build you up so you can be all that you were intended to be.” ~Samuel Johnson

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Going off the rails on a crazy train sir

Sorry had to do it...just couldn't think of a title for this post.  Yep.  Megamind.  It has so many good
 one-liners in it I could use one as a title every time I post.  You're welcome.
Tyson is feeling pretty good.  The Vancomycin is doing a good job, which is great cause I guess it is one of the big-time antibiotics that they try to only use when other stuff isn't working.  (He fevered and grew out a positive blood culture while on Ancef) So it better be working!  The gram positive cocci (bacteria) that was in his blood turned out to be Alpha Hemolytic Strep which I guess is a pretty common type of strep and not a huge one to be super worried about since it looks like they already have it licked.  So far his culture from yesterday hasn't grown anything.  His counts however are continuing their nosedive.  WBC 2.8 down a lot, HGB 9.5, HCT 26.7 down quite a bit, PLTS 119 up a little, ANC 600 down a LOT.  He's back down to almost neutropenic which is anywhere from zero to 500. 
While the other kids and dad are at the movies and a barbeque at Grandma's he is occupying himself squirting water in the bathtub with various devices including old saline flush syringes.  We also went to the carwash today to watch the rainbow wax and got some drive through Arctic Circle hamburgers (without the hamburger of course, he only likes the top bun complete with lettuce ketchup and mayo).
The lip scab is about half hanging off now, it is taking a considerable amount of self control for everyone involved to keep us from ripping that baby off.  We don't want a scar of course so we need to leave it alone...but we are so excited for it to fall off.  And that's all the news I have...so fun to be boring!  Happy Mother's Day!
Ty will have his blood tested on Monday to see if he will start back up on chemo at his clinic appointment set for Tuesday.  He is at two weeks off chemo now which makes his grand total off chemo since he started maintenance 8 weeks.  So he has been in maintenance almost 16 weeks now and 8 of those weeks have been totally off chemo.  That's 50 percent.  The doc told us at the beginning of maintenance that his 95% chance of not relapsing depended on him taking his chemo 95% of the time.  booo. (she was telling us that so we wouldn't get into the habit of forgetting to give him his chemo pills, trying to stress that it was important not to miss...and believe me we never missed...but he's missed 50% of them anyway because of low blood counts)  I haven't had a chance to ask his oncologist what she thinks of all of this time with no chemo...if we go Tuesday we will definitely be asking that question.  It's no fun to fear the 'r' word, we try to just have faith that whatever the Lord has in store for him will happen and that we will be strong enough to deal with whatever comes our way, but we also try to protect ourselves emotionallly by knowing all of the possibilities.  And then when he is doing well we feel like we were just being dramatic and we become confident that he's going to beat this and be fine...and then he gets sick again and we start to wonder again.  I guess that's where the crazy train comes in ha!  (Must take this opportunity to clarify that while a big fan of Megamind and their funny use of that song...not a huge fan of ozzy...ewwww)

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